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We follow a quarterly (3 month) schedule and each month has a different focus. Scroll down to see what you can take part in this month.

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Looking Ahead at One Mill School

Right now, we’re in the time of the quarter when we normally talk about what’s new and what’s next for our members in the upcoming quarter. And after a lot of reflection, we're going on a brief hiatus with the One Mill School membership.⁠ More here on what the upcoming shift will look like for you, our beloved members.⁠

Join us for live Office Hours 3/4.

This is your opportunity to get live, 1-on-1 support via video chat! This Office Hours, the focus of this time will be getting specific help on something you're planning to implement. Get the call info and times here! As soon as she's able, Emily will "answer" your call and your 20-minute time block will begin.

Dig into the One Mill School certified Experts + Tools!

As you're working to implement your learnings from your quarterly course or intensive, take a dive into our in-depth, unsponsored, peer-reviewed Resource Directory. Access the cadre of professionals who understand the work you’re doing in One Mill School and have committed to work with members for an affordable rate and clear format. Discover them here!

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