This Month at One Mill School

💡This month, we explore. Choose and start your Quarterly Course, join us on our kickoff group call on 7/7 at 12pm ET, and say hello in the Community Forum. 💡

We follow a quarterly (3 month) schedule and each month has a different focus.
Scroll down to see where in the cycle you are and what you can take part in.

Around One Mill School...

Snapshots of what's happening around One Mill School right now.

Members are jumping in with Quarterly Courses.

As you probably know, there are seven courses to choose from this quarter, including two new courses on finding more time and using email to grow. You can see all the details of each course and grab yours here. Need a hand picking out the best course for you right now? Set a call with us to talk it over.

Your Mentors are available to help!

Keep in mind that the One Mill School mentors are committed to working with members, providing feedback, a sounding board, or thoughts on how they'd handle something. Just @-mention them in the Community Forum with any questions or thoughts. And find  in-depth case studies on each of them here (Becca's is right here!) 

Our first call together is Wed 7/7 at 12pm ET

In an intimate, friendly format with Emily and your fellow One Mill School members, we’ll share examples and tips relating to the courses, mini case studies of other members, and answer questions (bring your questions!) We'll also have a mini case study interview with Stephanie. The call info, link, and recording are here.

Other Tidbits & Resources