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We follow a quarterly (3 month) schedule and each month has a different focus.
Scroll down to see where in the cycle you are and what you can take part in.

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Our first call together is Wed 1/12 at 12pm ET

Link up with your fellow members to share your favorite business tools and leave with 5-10 new ideas to use as you dive into the new year. Just spend a. few moments thinking through your favorite tools and you''l be all set. The call info, pre-work, video link, and recording are here.

Our Clarity Workshop Intensive takes place 1/26!

Designed for both new and returning members, this day-long experience will help you gain new perspective on what’s working and not in your business, reconnect to your unique vision, and create a concrete plan and action steps to move forward. Make sure to sign up by 1/7 if you're interesting in participating this quarter.

Members are jumping in with Quarterly Courses.

Each quarter, you can opt in to one Quarterly Course or Intensive. These comprehensive trainings combine introspection, practical tips, expert guidance, and simple frameworks you can use again and again. We're happy to help you design your best curriculum: just send us an email.

Other Tidbits & Resources

  • For a full list of key dates and times this quarter, check out this run-down. We've got every link and detail you'll need!
  • Need a little help jumping in or understanding how One Mill School works? You can sign up for a 15-minute Get Oriented Call for a tour of your space and to ask any logistical questions.
  • Don't forget that your mentors and fellow small business owners are just a click away in the Community Forum! Hop in there and (re)introduce yourself as we start this new quarter together.
  • Add Office Hours to your calendar! Two times a quarter, you'll have a chance to get live, 1-on-1 support. You'll be able to connect with Emily on a first-come, first-served basis for a 20-minute session and get practical help on what you're working on.
  • If you haven't already, you can grab your Quarterly Code from your email inbox and  choose your Quarterly Course or Intensive and jump in. Don't wait -- the deadline to sign up for Clarity Workshop is 1/7!