This Month at One Mill School

🌱This month, we develop. Continue and expand on your Quarterly Course, join us on our mid-quarter group call on 5/19 at 12pm ET, and say hello in the Community Forum.🌱

We follow a quarterly (3 month) schedule and each month has a different focus.
Scroll down to see where in the cycle you are and what you can take part in.

Around One Mill School...

Snapshots of what's happening around One Mill School right now.

Members are having deep + reflective conversations in the Community Forum

Folks taking the Fix My Story course this quarter have been diving into the  "Practice Seeing" exercise -- this is an important step in the course where you explore, critique, and get insights from a brand you admire. Jessica, Amy, and Amelia are exploring what it means to make themselves more vulnerable and visible in their businesses.

Our Experts & Tools are coming!

We're putting the finishing touches on our in-depth, unsponsored, peer-reviewed Resource Directory. And we’re organizing a cadre of professionals -- website folks, SEO people, copywriters, etc -- who understand the work you’re doing in One Mill School and have committed to work with members for an affordable rate and clear format. All coming next month!

Our second call together is Wed 5/19 at 12pm ET

In an intimate, friendly format with Emily and your fellow One Mill School members, we’ll do a Q+A and go deeper into the things you've been grappling with in your courses. Taking Fix my Finances and realized that you have a hard time setting money boundaries? Taking Hire Help and stuck writing a job description? Send questions you'd like to dive into by writing to us at [email protected]

Other Tidbits & Resources