Fix My Story
A 3-week Intensive

About One Mill School Intensives

Here at One Mill School, we are bringing you intensives that help you make progress in tangible ways, connect with peers + experts, and walk away with tools for even more growth in the following months. Read on for details about what's covered, when they take place, and reviews from participants. If you'd like to join in on an intensive and aren't yet a member, you apply to One Mill School now!

What it is

 What's different about this Intensive:

  • You’ll leave with real changes in your business.
    Rather than teaching you things that you THEN need to go do yourself, we're going to actually DO the things together so that you leave with concrete, effective, important things implemented in your business.
  • We’ll do it together.
    Rather than a course that you do on your own, we're going to work through most elements of the Intensive together, in real time.
  • You’ll be both an expert and a learner.
    Rather than having all the content come from an expert, the series will help you access your own insights, offer crucial contributions to your peers, benefit from the expertise in the group, as well as gain specific knowledge and expertise from your guides. 

What you'll learn:

You'll explore where to tell your story and how to do it in a way that is effective, emotional, powerful, and aligned with your values.

  • The link between your pricing + your story.
  • The principles and elements of strong stories.
  • Concrete practices for effective storytelling.
  • Getting to the heart of your story and prioritizing your message.
  • Assessing and refining your story over time.


What small business owners saying:

Cindy Liebel

Cindy Liebel

It's nice having others share insight or suggestions when you, as the artists, may not see something that you could include or implement.

Eli Morr


I'm extremely satisfied with the Intensive and would love to attend another one.

Becca Perea-Kane


Listening to others' ideas, I realized some ways I could adapt the ideas for my own business so that felt incredibly generative and inspiring.

This is the perfect fit if you are: 

  • Wanting to gain clarity around storytelling without getting lost in your "About" page.
  • Ready to transform and align your messaging to be a true representation of your brand.
  • Needing guidance, support, accountability, and inspiration.

What you get

  • Dedicated and protected time to make progress on things that matter for your growth.
  • Community, inspiration, support, and connections with other inspiring business owners.
  • Access to experts and special guest speakers on these topics.
  • New skills and tools to build on and use over and over into the future.
  • A safe space to hear your own wisdom about your business and hear the wisdom of peers and mentors.

How to take part + your commitment: 

  • This intensive is open to One Mill School Members during select quarters. Complete your 7-minute application now!
  • Attend all three sessions (full dates and times below.) 
  • Complete prework and homework in advance of each session. 
  • Participate actively in the sessions: speaking, sharing, and contributing as well as listening, learning, and processing.

Your Peers & Guides

You’ll be in great company in this course and will be well supported. Emily Kerr-Finell (One Mill School founder) will be the main guide for the course. We’ll also bring in guest speakers and experts. And of course, your peers will be a wealth of guidance and knowledge as they share their experiences growing high-level businesses.

More of what others are saying:

Laura Harrison

The Whimsical Woolies

It was so good to get the affirmation that I'm not the only one struggling with this, but it is doable! The whole experience felt thoughtfully put together.

Jamie Redmond

The Memorable Image

I really like the layout/style of the intensive. It forces you to work in a short period. I have trouble making time over several months for a class (and keeping up the momentum), but for a shorter burst, I can do it.

Sara Golden

Sara Golden

I found the whole thing very invigorating, and it was really good hearing from lots of voices what resonates and what doesn't.

Dates and Times

  • This intensive is on pause for the Winter Quarter, but our new Clarity Workshop Intensive will be available if you'd like to take part.
  • Intensives are currently available only to One Mill School members. You can submit your application to One Mill School to be considered for the upcoming quarter. Check that page for all of the upcoming quarterly dates (like when you'll hear back and when the new quarter begins).

Our Values

These values govern everything we do -- from how we respond to our customers to how we hire and what projects we take on:

  • Integrity comes first.

  • Overcommunication is good communication.

  • People over process, profit, or product.

  • Strength comes from responding, adapting, experimenting, and doing a lot with a little.

  • We’re professionals -- internally and externally.

  • We bring our true selves to the work.

A Bit of Background

One Mill School is a comprehensive training and community program for creative small business owners. We welcomed our first members in October, 2020. You can see our current offering at We have been honored and excited to have such a successful group of members and so many successes within this community. That said, we’re also in a process of reflecting on how to serve our folks even better. This program is a part of that exploration. 

With this program in particular, we’ve returned to our deepest sources of inspiration: the pedagogy of liberation of bell hooks and Paolo Friere; Montessori education; and heaps of conversations with the people we serve.

You can follow along on the process of reimagining and reshaping what we do at One Mill School on Instagram @onemillschool and on our email list.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at One Mill School

Our intention is that One Mill School be a vibrant, antiracist, equitable, diverse, inclusive place. The foundations of that vision are our intention, our inquiry within our own practices, and the education and training we prioritize. This is an open and ongoing exploration and right now, these are some of the active things we do to build towards this vision: 

  • Work with coaches (Project Deviate!) to guide our team's inquiry, conversation, and education around antiracism, diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Donate to social justice organizations that resonate with the work we do and who we are.
  • Convene Mentors with diverse voices, backgrounds, and experiences, and ensure that their contributions are fairly compensated.
  • Advance economic accessibility to our programs with an open scholarship program for anyone who faces significant obstacles to their growth as a creative business owner. (More here.)
  • Prioritize diversity and underrepresented groups in outreach to and engagement of new Members. 
  • Be active in making One Mill School's spaces brave and safe for every person who is part of them (including how people are spoken about and to.)