One Mill School is a step-by-step path to get unstuck, clarify your vision, and make progress.

A special note about One Mill School memberships: at the moment, our memberships are temporarily paused. See more details about our hiatus here and sign up for our email list here to be the first to hear news about our reopening. In the meantime, we'd be thrilled to hang onto your application for now.

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Lainey Wright

"This has given me confidence and inspiration in where my business is going and what I need to do to keep it headed in the right direction. "

Kelly Anderson

"I had the realization that I am a real business and I need to treat myself and talk to myself with all the respect and reverence that go along with it."

Elana Gabrielle

"I just feel so inspired and grateful for this structure and guidance to explore and find orientation for myself and work."

Upcoming Quarterly Dates:

  • Submit your application by 3/21 to be considered for the Spring 2022 quarter. 
  • After applying, we'll let you know if you're "in" by 3/23.  We review applications in batches so don't worry if you don't hear from us right away.  
  • Accept your spot (and pay for the program) by 3/30. 
  • Doors open to the next quarter on 4/4.
  • If you're not accepted: We’re keeping the school small to enable the best experience possible for members — but if you aren’t accepted, it’s certainly not a reflection of your expertise or value. We’ll let you when applications open again and you can always re-apply.

About our Fee and Scholarship Program: 

The quarterly fee for One Mill School is $199. We set that fee to be as affordable as possible, within the context of our costs. Also, it is a foundational priority for us to advance economic accessibility to our programs. (More on our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion at One Mill School here.) So we have an open scholarship program for anyone who faces significant obstacles to their growth as a creative business owner. This might be because of structural or systemic barriers or for other reasons.

If you would like to request a 6-month scholarship to One Mill School, you'll be able to let us know through the application process. We deploy our available scholarship funds on a first-come, first-served basis to folks who are qualified applicants and have self-identified as needing scholarship funding.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at One Mill School

Our intention is that One Mill School be a vibrant, antiracist, equitable, diverse, inclusive place. The foundations of that vision are our intention, our inquiry within our own practices, and the education and training we prioritize. This is an open and ongoing exploration and right now, these are some of the active things we do to build towards this vision.

One Mill School gives you:

  • 1-on-1 Coaching.
    Every quarter, you have the option to sign up for a coaching session with knowledgeable coach to help you get out of your own head, talk through ideas, and design your One Mill School curriculum for the quarter. 
  • Quarterly Courses.
    Your choice of 1 course -- choose from topics like Online Marketing for Authentic + Effective Growth or our Clarity Workshop.
  • Expert Guidance.
    Join live calls (or watch later) with real-world examples, inspiration, and help. Plus, get insider access to experts and resources as you implement.
  • Community Forum. 
    Like the best Facebook group of inspiring, high-level business owners making a living from their creative business. But without Facebook, drama, or fluff.

Want more info? Learn more about how One Mill School works and read about us here.