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We are honored to work with small business owners who are serious about their business and dedicated to their craft. Curious about their success? Read on.

Amelia Sanchez

of Honored Roots

I love connecting with like-minded, creative entrepreneurs. I strongly believe in surrounding yourself with people who aspire you to positively grow. I'm so grateful to be able to start off this time with new goals and inspiration for my business!

Elana Gabrielle

of Elana Gabrielle

I was working in my studio when all of a sudden beautiful autumn light poured in and I had my 'focus' music playing, and felt called to work on the Expansive Vision + Tiny Action workbook. It all just FLOWED out and I could feel and sense my vision. I am so inspired and grateful for this structure and guidance to explore and find orientation for myself and work.

Lisa Klauck

of Bloomfully Paperie

I am so happy and grateful to be a part of One Mill School. It is just what I needed. Thank you for creating this school! The Clarity Workshop has helped me come up with new ideas that I am excited about -- wouldn't have come to me had it not been for the workshop.

Staci Winge

of Section 21 Apparel

My One Mill School courses have been so valuable. They've been a great way to focus on my business by making me look at the ways I do things, making me see things I've missed, and giving me resources to evaluate it.

Casey Perez

of Artifacts

From big picture questions to those I thought were too silly or simplistic to ask, one-on-one coaching with Emily has allowed me to ask all the questions I've been itching to get feedback on. And having that sounding board has been so valuable. I felt she really listened to the needs and concerns of my business and always gave me thoughtful feedback.

Aisha Formanski

of Everthine Jewelry

Everything is in bite-size pieces. Which makes it easy to move forward in making real progress.

Becca Perea-Kane

of Thicket

One Mill School feels like those conversations I used to have at craft fairs with my vendor-neighbors: part shop-talk and comparing what works for each business, part camaraderie of spending time with other small business owners and feeling less alone, and part pep-talk and inspiration and remembering why you decided to start this whole thing in the first place. Except with One Mill School, one of your vendor-neighbors is guaranteed to be Emily and her team.

Asha Patel

of Asha Patel Designs

One Mill School has been a great way to refocus on some parts of my business I haven't taken the time to in quite a while. The most beneficial part for me personally the one-on-one mentoring.

Cindy Liebel

of Cindy Liebel Jewelry

My Practice Group has been a refreshing way to connect with creatives in different fields. I've enjoyed learning alternative ways to conduct business and being accountable. In fact, we're even continuing to meet after the quarter ends!

Sam Slater

of Samantha Slater Studio

I love One Mill School. The classes exceptionally valuable to growing my business and the community and support are second to none. I don't know what I would do without One Mill - it's been a necessity for me over the last year.