One Mill School's Community Call:

Join likeminded business owners to talk about the tricky parts of sourcing these days, plus get dozens of tips, insights, and tools to help you. We’ll meet on Tues 1/17/23 at 1pm Eastern Time / 10am Pacific Time. This is a free event.

What to Expect

Join us to talk about all the actual tricky parts of sourcing these days -- tackling third-party manufacturing, thinking about sustainability and ethics, dealing with cost increases, managing supply chain disruptions, and more -- plus get dozens of smart tips, insights, hacks, and tools to help you. As you saw when you signed up, participants are offering tips/ideas/insights on the topic and get dozens from peers. This will be a fun, useful, supportive fast-paced call. The concept of these Community Calls is to come together and delve into a particular topic together in such a way that you offer an insight, tool, or tip you have on that topic – and leave with dozens of new ones.

We'll meet by video call on Tues, 1/17/23 - 1pm - 2pm ET. This is a totally free event, but we ask everyone to participate. 

Your Host for The Call

Emily Kerr-Finell

One Mill School is run by Emily Kerr-Finell, an entrepreneur, consultant, and facilitator and Founder of Wholesale In a Box. Emily has helped thousands of creative small business owners grow. Her fresh approach to business has been featured by O: The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, and Entrepreneur Magazine, and The Maker’s Summit. Her past experience runs the gamut from running her own fledgling product companies, to high-level corporate consulting (she helped optimize operations at the largest low-income mortgage servicer in the world), to coaching small businesses with the United States Small Business Development agency, to serving as guide and mentor to handmade and independent brands around the world.

Community Call Details + Signup

Join us on Tuesday, 1/17/23 - 1pm - 2pm ET

Sign up with the form below and please share as many tips, ideas, questions, and insights on sourcing as you can. (Sourcing as defined as how you choose, find, manage, and pay for the materials involved in what you sell. This could be everything from finding sustainable sources of metal to choosing packaging to working with manufacturers.)

More of what others are saying:

Laura Harrison

The Whimsical Woolies

It was so good to get the affirmation that I'm not the only one struggling with this, but it is doable! The whole experience felt thoughtfully put together.

Becca Perea-Kane


One Mill School feels to me like those conversations I used to have at craft fairs with my vendor-neighbors: part shop-talk and comparing what works for each business, part camaraderie of spending time with other small business owners and feeling less alone, and part pep-talk and inspiration and remembering why you decided to start this whole thing in the first place. Except with One Mill School one of your vendor-neighbors is *guaranteed* to be Emily and her team.

Sara Golden

Sara Golden

I found the whole thing very invigorating, and it was really good hearing from lots of voices what resonates and what doesn't.

Our Values

These values govern everything we do -- from how we respond to our customers to how we hire and what projects we take on:

  • Integrity comes first.

  • Overcommunication is good communication.

  • People over process, profit, or product.

  • Strength comes from responding, adapting, experimenting, and doing a lot with a little.

  • We’re professionals -- internally and externally.

  • We bring our true selves to the work.

About One Mill School

One Mill School is guidance and community for people with small creative businesses. 

We offer lots of free community training, plus Intensives on different topics twice a year. In addition to this offering, you can see what else is coming up right here.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at One Mill School

Our intention is that One Mill School be a vibrant, antiracist, equitable, diverse, inclusive place. The foundations of that vision are our intention, our inquiry within our own practices, and the education and training we prioritize. This is an open and ongoing exploration and right now, these are some of the active things we do to build towards this vision: 

  • Work with coaches (Project Deviate!) to guide our team's inquiry, conversation, and education around antiracism, diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Donate to social justice organizations that resonate with the work we do and who we are.
  • Convene Mentors with diverse voices, backgrounds, and experiences, and ensure that their contributions are fairly compensated.
  • Advance economic accessibility to our programs with an open scholarship program for anyone who faces significant obstacles to their growth as a creative business owner. (More here.)
  • Prioritize diversity and underrepresented groups in outreach to and engagement of new Members. 
  • Be active in making One Mill School's spaces brave and safe for every person who is part of them (including how people are spoken about and to.)