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2 Simple Reasons You Might Feel Confused

Nov 29, 2021

when you are struggling
in your
writing (art)
it usually means
are hearing one thing.
but writing (creating) another.
- honest | risk by Nayyirah Waheed in Salt


Many of the coaching calls I do start with the business owner saying that they have a lack of clarity. They’re confused about something crucial in their business: they don’t know what, they don’t know how, they don’t know how much. 

But 9 times out of 10, the person doesn’t actually have a lack of clarity. Rather, they are overriding the clarity they do have because their conclusion doesn’t sound practical, or correct, or none of their peers do it that way. 


In business, struggle and confusion often come from: 

  • Ignoring yourself. 
  • Or: Ignoring what your customers are telling you.


When you ignore your own knowing or you ignore what your customers are telling you, you are over-relying on invention, decision, and masterminding. And it can be powerful to return to listening, intuiting, following your nose, and responding.

If you’ve done pilates or yoga, you’ve probably experienced the strength that comes from using your core rather than over-relying on your arm or leg muscles. Of course, our arms and legs are wonderful and powerful -- but true strength is activated from the core, not from the extremities. 

Similarly, we can learn to act from our stronger, deeper (but sometimes harder to access) “muscles” of listening and responsiveness. And we can let the weaker (but still crucial) “muscles” of planning and masterminding fire in response to that core knowing.

So if you feel a sense of struggle or confusion, ask yourself whether you can listen more deeply -- to yourself and to your customers. And then act from what you hear without ignoring it.


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