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One Simple Truth About Your Business

May 10, 2021


"We make our buildings and then our buildings make us." 

- Winston Churchill


And, certainly, we make our businesses and then our businesses make us. 

You are on social media. That decision influences whether you check it while you make dinner, whether you are outraged by someone’s post, whether you have posts and Stories to create every week. All of that, in turn, impacts your outlook, your attention, what else you have time for, and who you are connected to.

You hired Malia and her attitude, work ethic, and care for detail impact the way you feel when you put your hands on your tools in the morning and how your customers perceive your business. 

We make choices, systems, and habits around social media, processes, tools, the companies we buy from, terms and policies, hiring, and everything else in our businesses. And then these things create the reality we live in -- which of course, makes us. 

The only question is: if that’s the case, what choices do you want to make?


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