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One Mistake Everyone Makes With Their First Hire

Apr 26, 2021
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“Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.” 

- Navy SEAL training


“Measure twice; cut once.” 

- my Grandma


When you first learn to sew clothing, many people speed through the step of cutting out the fabric. As a newbie sewist, though, you end up paying for speediness later. You find your pieces are off and you have to rip out and re-sew things to make up for the issues. 

So as you become more experienced, you go WAY SLOWER at the beginning, especially during the cutting and measuring phase. Consequently, the later phases of sewing and fitting become much easier, less stressful, and faster. 

Hiring is similar. With their first hire, most business owners tend to zip through (or completely skip) early stages in the hiring process. They hire from friend or family recommendations, use an informal application and interview process, and bring the person on without a contract. They train haphazardly, too, trying to be “nice” by giving the person very little direction. As with sewing, this speediness early in the process creates a lot of stress, mistakes, and time lost fixing things later

So of course, one of the biggest things I advocate for in our Hiring Help Without Headaches course is to go WAY SLOWER at the beginning stages of the hiring process. I walk you through how to decide whether you even need to hire, and calculate how much help you need. We design and structure your role creatively and carefully. You get clear about the needs of the role and the ideal person for it. We look at skillful application processes and protective contracts. We explore training and management and quality control. 

In all honesty, some people will take this course and say, “Wow, that is a lot of steps. I’m going to skip most of this.” And that’s their prerogative. But chances are, this zip-through-or-skip approach will take so much more time in the long run. 

So whether you’re hiring or making other changes in your business, think of ways you can slow down now (in the first 20%), so that you can speed up later (in the last 80%). It’s faster in the long run -- and a lot less stressful.


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