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Winter 2022 at One Mill School: What's New in the New Year

Dec 06, 2021


This article is a detailed look at One Mill School and some big updates to the program in Winter 2022. If you’re interested, read on. If you just want a summary, here’s the deal: we’re making some great additions for this quarter including a new intensive format of our cornerstone course, Clarity Workshop. Plus office hours continue and our mentors are jumping in as hosts for our live calls. If you're interested and want to hear about other business owners' experiences in One Mill School, you can look here.

We believe that guidance, inspiration, collaboration, and tools that enable your own plans and insights are truly the transformative resources you need to grow -- NOT the YouTube vortex, confusing advice from peers, or wasted money on glitzy gurus who want you to do it their way. To that end, we're bringing a suite of updates to One Mill School for Winter Quarter 2022 that we believe will help you to learn, explore, and grow at your own pace and with your own wisdom. We can't wait to jump into this new year together for even more community, growth, and change ❤️



What's Brand New at One Mill School for Winter 2022


Clarity Workshop: introducing a new 1-day Intensive

In this day-long intensive, you will move from overwhelm to clarity, gain new perspective on what’s working and not in your business, reconnect to your unique vision, and create a concrete plan and action steps to move forward. In just a few hours of step-by-step guided reflection, you’ll define success on your terms, reorient yourself in unfamiliar territory, build on the bright spots that already exist in your business, and re-establish momentum.

Already done your planning for 2022?

That’s great! In that case, you can use this intensive to dig deeper, think more broadly, or get more specific. Or, you can use it to zoom in on one particular aspect of your business (e.g., your online marketing specifically.)

Already taken Clarity Workshop?

We still invite you to join us for this intensive and believe it will be a powerful experience for you. We’ve overhauled and restructured much of the content so there is much that’s new. Plus, the experience of moving through the exploration with peers will bring richness and insight you may not have been able to access on your own.

For this intensive, you'll be able to join us LIVE or through the recordings at your own pace. Read more about the intensive here.


Live Calls: now led by our wise and experienced mentors

Our first call this quarter will focus on Favorite Business Tools and Resources, while our second will center around Paid and Unpaid Help. This quarter we are so fortunate to have our mentors, Cindy of Cindy Liebel and Sam of Samantha Slater Studio, as our hosts and facilitators!

Our mentors are one of the best and most foundational parts of One Mill School. Their expertise, wisdom, and vulnerability make them both leaders in the space and learners right alongside our members. We can't wait to jump into these school-wide calls with their guidance.


And continuing for Winter 2022...
  • Quarterly Courses.
    Continue to choose from a quarterly course on topics including fixing your finances, hiring, online marketing, and finding more time. 
  • Office Hours.
    Join Emily for a personal, 20-minute session twice during the quarter to discuss a burning question, think through applications to your quarterly course, or get input on a current project. 
  • Experts and Tools.
    Dive into our in-depth, unsponsored, peer-reviewed Experts and Tools program. We're continually adding to this roster so members can continue to choose tools and hire help with clarity and confidence.
  • Community Forum.
    24/7 access to inspiring, high-level business owners making a living from their creative business. No Facebook, drama, or fluff.
  • One Mill School Mentors.
    Our mentors are chosen for their wise approach, business experience, thoughtful practice, and diversity of backgrounds. Mentors join in the Community Forum to answer questions, contribute their perspectives to our Courses, and share their stories in detailed Case Studies.

Wondering if it's the right time to join One Mill School?

You can learn more about the team, find out what makes us different, meet our Mentors, and apply here (hurry -- applications for Winter Quarter close 12/20)!

Still not sure? We get it -- email us at [email protected] to talk it through!


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