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Introducing: One Mill School Experts and Tools

May 26, 2021

Here at One Mill School, we've noticed our members making big shifts in their businesses. They've designed new email marketing plans. They've identified website tweaks to build their sales. They've envisioned new futures for their work.  

But the step of implementing those ideas can also be a stumbling block. Some of our members have told us:

"Now I know WHAT I need to do... I just am overwhelmed by the process of actually DOING it! Can you recommend someone who could help?" 


So this month, we are launching a new program at One Mill School: Experts & Tools. Experts & Tools is a resource that all One Mill School members will have access to.

  • The "Tools" are an in-depth, unsponsored, peer-reviewed directory of tools, apps, resources, and software to help members power up the things they're learning and designing. 
  • The "Certified Experts" are a cadre of professionals who understand the work members are doing in One Mill School and have committed to work with folks in a way that is affordable, transparent, and hassle-free. These experts are the best in their field and created special offers that are only for One Mill School members. We want to demystify and de-hassle hiring experts and make it easier to make changes in your business once you’re clear on what you need to do. 

This vetted, trusted, sponsorship-free group of Experts & Tools can support members with topics from improving your photographs, to setting up email sequences to your customers, to digging deeper with your online marketing. These are 100% optional, won’t be a fit for everyone, and we get no benefit or kickback from members signing up

Of course, One Mill School members will be getting much more information and background on each of these Experts in June, once we throw open the doors to Experts & Tools. Also, our Experts & Tools list will grow, expand, and evolve over time. But just to give you a sense...


Here is a peek at One Mill School's Certified Experts:


Anna Carson Dewitt of Anna Carson Dewitt Photography

Anna Carson Dewitt is the creator of Anna Carson Dewitt Photography. She is a photographer whose work is described as “honest, vibrant, sweet, and relationship-focused.” Her focus is in-studio photography services for makers and small businesses as well as photos of kids. 

Hannah Martin of Sore Thumb

Hannah is a go-to person for design and website development. Founder of Sore Thumb, a digital marketing agency, Hannah brings experience in website development, seamless project management, and smart design. Her focus is serving women entrepreneurs and Hannah is based in Toronto.


Julienne DesJardins of Julienne DesJardins Digital Marketing

Julienne is a pro at wrangling tech, making creative ideas real, and setting up the things in your business that feel insurmountable (but will help you grow.) She has studied Digital Marketing at NYU and has a Masters in Public Administration. She is an ideas person who brings order to the chaos through her service, Julienne DesJardins Digital Marketing. She lives in Buffalo, NY with her 5-year-old son and husband.

Lyndsay Clements of Ellen Grace Marketing

Lyndsay runs Ellen Grace Marketing and is an expert in SEO, social media strategy, email and content marketing, and website optimization. She is passionate about helping business owners grow their sales through solid marketing strategies and effective planning. Lyndsay has worked with a range of large retailers as well as some of the most innovative small product companies around. 


Sabella Flagg of the monarq

Sabella is the artist behind the monarq and does design as Sabella Flagg. She is a maker, artist, designer, and senior UI/UX designer. Sabella is adept, efficient, and experienced when it comes to print design and layout, web design, creating brand assets, and thinking through the user experience on your website.


We are THRILLED to be diving in with members on these Experts & Tools this June and commit to adding to these resources each quarter, according to members' needs. Thank you to all of our One Mill School Certified Experts for the care, passion, intelligence, and time you put into each of your offerings.

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