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Curious about One Mill School? Get a peek inside…

Sep 15, 2020

If you’re anything like me, you want to get a very clear picture of what something is before you sign up for it. So today we want to share exactly what it’s like to be a part of One Mill School so that you can decide whether it’s the right fit for you. And of course, if you want to talk it over individually, just send us an email.


About One Mill School


One Mill School is a brand new is a comprehensive training and community program to support makers’ growth in this new economy: 1-on-1 coaching, small group collaboration, and impactful courses on things like online marketing. Applications are open now for the very first cohort and close next week on 9/22.


What You Get Each Quarter


1-on-1 Coaching

Every business owner is unique, with your own vision and challenges -- so there is no replacement for actual 1-on-1 help with a knowledgeable guide and sounding board. Each quarter, you can sign up for a personal coaching session to talk through ideas and customize your curriculum. Get clarity on how to move forward, stop wasting time, and get out of your own head. Click here to meet your team and learn more about our background.



Quarterly Courses

Each quarter, you can opt into one Course. These comprehensive, multimedia trainings pull expertise from the best creative business owners in the industry. They combine introspection, practical tips, expert guidance, and simple frameworks you can use again and again. Click here to see all of your options for courses.



Practice Groups

Take part in a 3-5 person "practice group" with like-minded business owners who are navigating the same challenges you are. You don't have to opt-in every quarter, but the option is there when you want it. Practice Groups are matched thoughtfully by the One Mill School team based on your preferences. Groups meet by Zoom once-a-week for 5 weeks, on your schedule. Expect a reliable, peer-led format, plus room for open conversation and tip-sharing.



Community Forum

Alongside the other key pieces of One Mill School, you'll get 24/7 access to inspiring, high-level business owners making a living from their creative business. This forum is moderated and guided by the One Mill School team and is easily accessible in the same place you find your One Mill School Courses and other materials. It's support, community, and collaboration of business owners like you (who are also doing the work!) but without Facebook, drama, or fluff.




One of the best parts about One Mill School is the incredible group of mentors that you will have available to you -- and you can meet all of our Mentors for Fall 2020 here

Our mentors are chosen for their wise approach, business experience, thoughtful art or practice, and diversity of backgrounds and experiences. Mentors join you in the Community Forum to answer questions and provide feedback, contribute their perspectives and expertise to your Courses, and share their stories with you in detailed Case Studies.


About Our Scholarship Program

The quarterly fee for One Mill School is $199. We set that fee to be as affordable as possible, within the context of our costs. Also, it is a foundational priority for us to advance economic accessibility to our programs. (Read about our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion at One Mill School.) So we have an open scholarship program for anyone who faces significant obstacles to their growth as a creative business owner. This might be because of structural or systemic barriers or for other reasons. If you would like to request a scholarship to One Mill School, you have the opportunity to indicate that in your application. We deploy our available scholarship funds on a first-come, first-served basis to folks who are qualified applicants and have self-identified as needing scholarship funding.


What Makes Us Different


At One Mill School, we think a little bit differently when it comes to business. This isn’t a mastermind program, an online course, or a dressed-up ebook with yet another set of business advice you can’t quite apply. If you want to read about our guiding philosophy, we share it here.


Other Questions?

You can find more about how One Mill School works here, submit your 7-minute application (before 9/22!), join us on Instagram, or read more about the team (as well as our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion at One Mill School). As always, if you have any questions at all (or want to talk through whether this is a fit for your particular business), just send us an email and we’ll get right back to you.

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