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Fall 2021 Changes Coming at One Mill School

Sep 10, 2021


This article is a detailed look at One Mill School and some big updates to the program in Fall 2021. If you’re interested, read on. If you just want a summary, here’s the deal: we’re making some great additions for this quarter, including a new, intensive format for two of our courses: Using Email to Grow and Fix My Story. Plus we're adding office hours and updating our live group calls. If you're interested and want to hear about other business owners' experiences in One Mill School, you can look here.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve asked ourselves deep questions and done a ton of internal exploration with a "nothing's off-limits" approach. And our goal, as ever, is to help business owners make practical, tangible progress in the ways that they are hoping to grow. And we're committed to doing that by creating a protected space for you to come together, find the support and tools you need to grow your own way.

To that end, we're building on the experiment that we did in August to shape and adapt our current programs and offerings -- and we believe these changes will allow our members to make even more powerful strides moving forward. So here's to even more heart-lead, momentum-filled progress in this wonderful community of creators.


What's Brand New at One Mill School for Fall 2021

Note: Check out Emily's video above which goes into all of these changes in even greater depth! Want an overview? Keep reading for all of the important details. 


Intensives - a new model for growth + connection



We love our asynchronous courses -- they are a wonderful way to approach learning and clarity in business at your own pace and in your own time. But we've also seen a real need for dedicated and protected time to make progress, plus access to supportive experts and likeminded business owners in real time and in concentrated bursts.

That's why we ran our intensive experiment in August, on the topic of Using Email to Grow. We gathered a group of dedicated small business owners and developed a safe, constructive space for them to experience their own wisdom and hear the wisdom of others -- complete with homework, expert speakers, and plenty of space for collaboration.

What we love about intensives:

Intensives are deeply rooted in growth and collaboration. They're a co-created experience designed with these elements in mind:

  • Real, tangible changes in your business.
    Rather than teaching you things that you THEN need to go do yourself, we're actually DO the things together so that you leave with concrete, effective, important things implemented in your business.
  • Hands-on work for progress in community.
    Rather than a course that you do on your own, we work through most elements of the Intensive together, in real time.
  • Multifaceted experience as expert and learner.
    Rather than having all the content come from an expert, the series helps you access your own insights, offer crucial contributions to your peers, benefit from the expertise in the group, as well as gain specific knowledge and expertise from your guides. 

Introducing two new One Mill School intensives:


New "Use Email to Grow" Intensive
If you know you should be engaging more consistently with your community via email and want a fast-paced, structured format and a dedicated group to work with, this intensive is for you. We look at how to use email to grow and engage your community, step off of, even if just a bit, the more-more-more treadmill of social media. And you'll leave the Intensive with:

  • 30 days of thoughtful email newsletters/missives planned to engage and grow your community
  • 2-3 effective automations set up in your email marketing software
  • All the nuts-and-bolts of your website, email marketing software, and segments architected and connected.

The intensive will take place 10/11, 10/18, and 10/25 from 12pm-2pm ET. Read more about the intensive here.


New "Fix My Story" Intensive
The story you tell about your business is crucial to helping customers understand the value of what you do. Your story can inform and inspire -- or it can fall flat. If you’ve ever felt uneasy that your story isn’t good but aren’t sure how to make it better, this course is for you (and you’re not alone!) In this intensive, we explore how to tell your story in a way that is effective, emotional, powerful, and aligned with your values. Our goal is for you to come away with:

  • Clarity about the purposes of storytelling within a small creative business.
  • Understanding of the aspects of your story that matter.
  • Insights around what makes some stories so inspiring and effective.
  • Strong next steps for improving your brand’s storytelling to inspire, inform, and engage.
  • Tools you can use to continue improving over time.

The intensive will take place 10/11, 10/18, and 10/25 from 3pm-5pm ET. Read more about the intensive here.


And other exciting One Mill School changes coming Fall 2021


Office Hours: more productive 1-on-1 Coaching
Join Emily for a personal, 20-minute session twice during the quarter to discuss a burning question, think through applications to your quarterly course, or get input on a current project. And of course, you'll continue to have access to unlimited, email-based coaching for in-depth, rich, and supportive feedback and coaching.


Live Calls: more collaboration + practical growth
Join in for these "micro-intensives" with a bit of pre-work and leave with tangible, useful tools to move forward. Our first call this quarter will focus on creating a Master Plan, while our second (in the midst of a busy season!) will center around practical self-care. 


And continuing for Fall 2021...
  • Quarterly Courses.
    Continue to choose from a quarterly course on topics including fixing your finances, hiring, online marketing, finding more time, and of course our beloved Clarity Workshop. 
  • Experts and Tools.
    Dive into our in-depth, unsponsored, peer-reviewed Experts and Tools program. We're continually adding to this roster so members can continue to choose tools and hire help with clarity and confidence.
  • Community Forum.
    24/7 access to inspiring, high-level business owners making a living from their creative business. No Facebook, drama, or fluff.
  • One Mill School Mentors.
    Our mentors are chosen for their wise approach, business experience, thoughtful practice, and diversity of backgrounds. Mentors join in the Community Forum to answer questions, contribute their perspectives to our Courses, and share their stories in detailed Case Studies.

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