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Nov 18, 2022


Perhaps predictably, our “few months” hiatus here at One Mill School has turned into almost a year’s hiatus. But we’re back! Hello! It’s been a busy time with a lot of deep reflection under that current of busy-ness.

So this article is our letter to you telling you:

  • What we’ve got planned for you overall
  • What you can sign up for right now
  • What we’ve been doing over the hiatus.


Throughout this hiatus, I’ve been talking to makers and business owners about what feels hard, what feels exciting, and what support you need. This is some of what I’m hearing:

  • “Things are feeling really rough and rocky.”
  • “I’ve had to make huge changes to where my revenue comes from… but now that I have, I’m on the edge of growth like I’ve never seen before.”
  • “I'm in a weird rut with work right now.”
  • “I need HELP and it’s proving harder than expected to hire for it.”
  • "I'm just not seeing the sales like I had been over the last couple of years."
  • “Community feels more desperately needed right now than normal.”
  • “My body feels like it’s getting left behind.”
  • “I’m in fiscal responsibility mode, big time.”
  • “I’m at a tricky growing stage where I know I need to but it’s hard.”
  • “I’m flat out - I sell as much as I can make.”
  • “I just don’t have the same fire I did when I set out on this journey. Now, I’m SO tired of the hustle and trying to figure out what I have to do to keep up.”


In taking all of this in, I’ve been reflecting on the following:

  • Business doesn’t operate in isolation. Business, values, life, our bodies, our emotions, and our families are very much connected and all part of the same whole. And we need community, guidance, and support that aligns with that reality.
  • There are some real, practical challenges in running a business right now. There are big, perhaps even unprecedented, things happening in the world (economic shifts, supply chain disruption, war, climate, etc.) that very much impact the running of a small business – but not in predictable ways. Connecting with others who are working within these realities can help us understand how to proceed.
  • Things ebb and flow. See: our income, our time, our passion for our work, our health. And ideally we have support systems that work with that ebb and flow rather than forcing a relentlessness that’s not wise or practical. Also, hobbies turn into businesses; businesses change or close; growth happens in ways that aren’t always conventional, and our focus changes as we grow personally. That means that we need a business community that is rich, diverse, adaptable, and there for us in different ways at different times.
  • Guidance + community + action = good. Guidance in the absence of true connection and community is not that useful. Guidance in the absence of support actually DOING the work is not that useful.

So building on all of those insights and concepts, here’s what we’ve got planned for you:

  • Intensives!
    One of things that you’ve been most passionately positive about at One Mill School is our Intensives. As you might remember, Intensives are a series of live sessions, on a specific topic, and you leave with tangible accomplishments, connect with peers + experts, and walk away with tools for even more growth in the following months. We’re planning to hold Intensives about every 6 months (and not offering the self-paced courses for now). The topics will vary and will depend on what feels alive for our community at that moment. We’re also planning on doing a lot more co-hosting of Intensives with experts and practitioners so that the voices and perspectives are as valuable and diverse as possible. Some key aspects of these intensives are:
    • You leave with real changes in your business. Rather than teaching you things that you THEN need to go do yourself, we're going to actually DO the things together so that you leave with concrete, effective, important things implemented in your business.
    • We do it together. Rather than a course that you do on your own, we're going to work through most elements of the Intensive together, in real time.
    • You’re both an expert and a learner. Rather than having all the content come from an expert, the series will help you access your own insights, offer crucial contributions to your peers, benefit from the expertise in the group, as well as gain specific knowledge and expertise from your guides.
  • Un-membership-ing.
    The One Mill School membership was feeling a bit too much like a treadmill on overdrive for both our team and for our members, from what we could tell. Business, growth, and insight is not quite so regular a path as to permit that quarterly cycle. And so we’re un-membership-ing our community and our work. There will be lots of community, support, guidance, and training for free or sliding scale basis. And then every 6 months or so, we’ll offer an Intensive as the more “let’s get down to work” experience. Some folks will take every Intensive with us. Others will never take an Intensive, and still others will do them periodically. That’s all great.
  • Lots of flexible, affordable support.
    Since we won’t be on the membership treadmill anymore, we’ll have bandwidth to experiment with ways of supporting the community as we go. We’ll send our Around Here email – a handful of things we're doing, learning, seeing, and being inspired by as creative business owners, at the intersection of making, business, growth, creativity, and fun. Monthly we’ll do a more in-depth article meant to be a real deep dive into a business or making related topic that feels really crucial. And then periodically we’ll have free workshops, community calls, etc. 


What you can actually do or sign up for right now:

  • The Money Intensive.
    The way you understand and manage your money is the means by which you get to pursue your passion. In this live Intensive, we’ll help you get to a place of clarity and peace when it comes to your business finances, make a strong financial plan/system for 2023, and get all your ducks in a row for 2022 taxes. LEARN MORE + SIGN UP HERE.
  • Community Call on Sourcing.
    Join us to talk about all the actual tricky parts of sourcing these days, plus get dozens of smart tips, insights, hacks, and tools to help you. We’ll meet on Tues 1/17/23 at 1pm Eastern Time / 10am Pacific Time. This is free for everyone! LEARN MORE + SIGN UP HERE.
  • Free help and support.
    Around Here, our monthly email with tidbits at the intersection of making, business, growth, creativity, and fun plus our monthly deep-dive article. MAKE SURE YOU’RE ON THE LIST HERE.

What I’ve been up to during the hiatus:

If you’re wondering what I (Emily) have been up to over the last year, I’m happy to share! While it’s not quite as directly related to what you’ll be seeing in One Mill School, my personal evolution and growth and exploration for sure informs what you’ll be seeing and experiencing here. So here are the things I’ve been doing:

  • Working a lot with our Wholesale In a Box folks, doing much more wholesale coaching than over the past year or so, as many folks turn again to wholesale as a key channel for their businesses.
  • Learning how to parent two kids and not go insane in the process. My baby was born in December 2021, and for the first six months of the year, my three-year-old was behaviorally manifesting the internal tumult we all felt. Creating, in the process, dramatically more tumult. Sort of like when a row boat starts rocking and one guy stands up and starts flailing around – thus almost capsizing everyone. That’s what January - July was like in my world. But since then, we’ve gotten everyone to SIT DOWN in the row boat and are managing to make slow progress down the river.
  • Doing a lot of garment sewing, which I’ve been starting to share on Instagram (here). For me, sewing my own clothes is a way of grounding myself through handwork, exploring my body and my style, understanding color, and having an outlet for creativity that is straightforward and unburdened (disconnected from supporting my family or needing to be “productive.”)
  • Starting a new business! As an outgrowth of that garment sewing practice, I’m starting a new business project/experiment. In buying fabric for sewing clothes, I’ve been frustrated by the sketchy ethics behind the fabric itself and uninspired by many of the options. So I’m working on a new little business that hopes to make it easy to buy inspiring, affordable, ethically produced fabrics for home garment sewists. I’m excited about the idea of more directly connecting the makers making clothes at home and the makers who produce fabrics – and in so doing, creating a collection of inspiring, regenerative, sustainable fabrics.
  • Weaving together my work life. As you can see in everything above, I’m starting to find ways to have more space for smaller business projects and experiments… while also finding the intersections and complementarity among them. It feels really good to feel like things are less compartmentalized while also making more room for play and experimentation in my work life.

Long story short: I can’t wait to dive in with all of you. I’m so glad to be re-embarking on this work with you. I’m grateful for your patience during the hiatus. And I so, so so hope you’ll join us for The Money Intensive and the Community Call on Sourcing.

See you soon!

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