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Announcing: One Mill School!

Sep 10, 2020

When I was a kid, I went to a really unusual school.  

It was called The Susquehanna School and I loved it so much that sometimes I would get up early, get dressed, and then lie back down in my bed, waiting for my Dad to be ready to drive me to school.

There were no desks. No grades. No textbooks. Our days were spent pursuing projects we were deeply passionate about, with a vibrant community supporting us, and wise teachers guiding us. For instance, if you loved knitting, teachers would guide you to explore the history of wool production, how to knit a sweater, and the math required to mix dyes. 

My experience there had a profound impact on my life. It shaped how I learn. It shaped how I teach. And it shaped how I start and run businesses. Ultimately, my mission is to help people find the freedom I felt at the Susquehanna School, as I joyfully worked and learned and built. That freedom is what it means to be a creative business owner and to me, helping people find and do that is my highest calling.  

As I wrote about earlier this week, the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped our business landscape. And over the last several months, I’ve been reflecting on how I could create a Susquehanna School for creative business owners. I feel the need for it so deeply because I believe creative business owners imagine and build the world we want to live in. But most business owners simply aren’t getting the tools or support they need.  

So we interviewed dozens of business owners to understand your challenges. We ran our Labs program as a mini-version of this vision this spring. I dove deep into my heart and into my bookshelf. And so I am deeply proud to announce the best thing I’ve ever made: 


Announcing: One Mill School.

It’s a comprehensive training and community program to support makers’ growth in this new economy: 1-on-1 coaching, small group collaboration, and impactful courses on things like online marketing. 


We’ll be sharing more about One Mill School in coming days. Please do let me know what questions you have about this new adventure! We’re thrilled to be sharing it with you. 

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