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Facing hard truths: Actually Honest with Stacey Malasky

Feb 21, 2022

Welcome to Actually Honest -- a video series where I sit down with small, creative business owners to hear about the real, funny, sometimes ugly, truth about running their businesses.

Stacey Malasky generously sat down with me and was both hilarious and vulnerable during our conversation. We covered everything from wizard detective novels, Ranch dressing, and consignment commissions.

I can't wait for you to get to know Stacey in this chat -- especially as we get into boundaries and values. She has tons of practical wisdom... including:

  • Running her business with a chronic illness and without family nearby.
  • Uncertainty and approaching growth by looking at the actual number
  • Paying her accountant to do her taxes -- so worth it. 
  • Continuing the "making", even as the owner of her business
  • The integration of her physical, mental, and financial, and spiritual health
  • Collaboration over competition and bringing everyone to the table
  • The one thing that is (or isn't) going to make her business a success
Hop over to our IGTV channel to see all of our Actually Honest Interviews.


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