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Chicken nuggets and slow mornings: Actually Honest with Amelia Sanchez

Feb 07, 2022

Welcome to Actually Honest -- a video series where I sit down with small, creative business owners to hear about the real, funny, sometimes ugly, truth about running their businesses.

Even though she doesn't adore being in front of the camera, Amelia Sanchez of Honored Roots was gracious enough to spend time with me to talk all things growth, simplicity, and... chicken nuggets! Amelia is also one of our One Mill School mentors and you can see exactly why we're so thrilled to have her from this conversation.

In this 20-minute chat, we dig into Amelia's "real" business owner experience -- like what she's eating for lunch and why she keeps going when things are hard. We're getting into:

  • Amelia's unrushed, steady approach and the stability that's come from it
  • Her Instagram strategy and whether ads have worked well for her
  • Hobbies, habits, and self-care
  • How to approach difficult-but-necessary skills (like math)
  • Her biggest business expense and what makes it "worth it"
  • Growth strategies that tend toward slower, steadier evolution
  • Keeping things simple
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