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From heartbreak to thriving: Actually Honest with Aisha Formanski

Feb 14, 2022

Welcome to Actually Honest -- a video series where I sit down with small, creative business owners to hear about the real, funny, sometimes ugly, truth about running their businesses.


Today, I'm so excited share this chat with Aisha Formanski of Everthine Jewelry about the "dirty" jewelry industry, working for herself with ADHD, and making big changes in her process while going against certain "bad" advice.

In this fun conversation, we dig into Aisha's actual, authentic experiences -- like what scheduling tool she uses and the bad advice she's been given over the years. We're getting into:

  • How she transitioned from jewelry consulting to production and teaching (spoiler: there's heartbreak involved)
  • Her dream of running her own business -- from when she was a kiddo
  • Independent work, flexibility, and the beautiful ways she navigates ADHD
  • Sustainability and the “dirty” jewelry industry 
  • TikTok and Instagram DM's
  • Engaging with her local arts community
  • A step-by-step strategy and how it's helped her meet big goals
  • Being a human and making connections -- and the sustainability that comes from those
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