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Interested in being a Program Tester for the Using Email to Grow Intensive? Fill out this Interest Form. We’ll let you know by EOD Thurs 8/19 whether we have room for you within this first testing group. If not, we’ll add you to the testing waitlist and let you know when additional opportunities open. 


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What is your first and last name?

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Please tell us which pronouns we should use for you. e.g. she/he/they/zie

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What's your email address?

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What's the best phone number to reach you on?

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What's your mailing address?

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What's your business name?

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Link (website and/or Instagram) to your business?

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How long have you been in business?


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What is your yearly gross business revenue?


Less than $20,000/year








$200,001/year or more

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What challenges and opportunities are you facing in your business?

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Why do you want to take part in this intensive -- Using Email to Grow? Why now?

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What specific support do you need when it comes to engaging your community using email?

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What is your current setup with your website and mailing list? For instance, do you use Shopify or Squarespace or something else? Do you use it to sell products or just to share about your work? What email marketing software do you use (Mailchimp, MailerLite, FloDesk, etc.)

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When it comes to marketing, email, content, and growing your community, what are some things you’ve found yourself to be good at? (This could be one tiny thing or ten huge things.) 


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What would the best possible outcome be for you, from taking part in this intensive?

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If you took our existing Using Email to Grow course, what was your experience with that? Did you move through the content? What questions or uncertainties were unanswered? What progress did you make?

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Which aspects of your identity would you like to share with us? This is completely confidential and you don't need to respond. A bit of context: this information helps us understand the backgrounds of the people who participate in our programs at a variety of levels. By sharing aspects of your identity with us (like race, different abilities, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, and many others) you support us in looking honestly at how inclusive, diverse, and equitable our programs are. This helps us take continued action to make them better in these ways.

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I am a creative business owner. I'm interested in using email to grow my business and engage my community. I'm ready to set up new email practices and systems in my business. I am glad to take part in something that is in the early stages of being made. I welcome new inputs and ideas and are open to sharing my own. I am available for the dates, times, and commitments of being a Program Tester.





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