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What is your first and last name?

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Please tell us which pronouns we should use for you.

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What's the best phone number to reach you on?

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Let's learn a bit about your business.

We're excited to get to know you!

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What's your business name?

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Link (website and/or Instagram) to your business?

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How long have you been in business?


Less than 1 year


1-2 years


3+ years

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What is your yearly gross business revenue?


Less than $20,000/year








$200,001/year or more

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Briefly tell us how you started your business -- how you began, why you started, and what your business looks like today.

Your business and One Mill School

Why are you excited to join our community?

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What is the most exciting part of your business right now? The most challenging?

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Talk about the unique perspective that you’ll bring to One Mill School and how that perspective has shaped your business practice.

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Describe a time when you experienced a shift in your business and how you adapted.

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Tell us about your most rewarding experience with a mentor. What did you learn in that relationship?

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Anything else we should know about you?


What should we know to be able to support you as well as possible during this program? Perhaps it's challenges you're facing... something you really want to request... or another thing you want to share.

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Which aspects of your identity would you like to share? This is completely confidential and you don't need to respond.


This information helps us understand the diverse backgrounds of the people who participate in our programs at a variety of levels. By sharing aspects of your identity (like race, different abilities, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, and many others) you support us in looking honestly at how inclusive, diverse, and equitable our programs are -- thus enabling us to take continued action to make them better in these ways.

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I am a creative business owner. I am facing new challenges and opportunities and looking to guide, support, and collaborate with others. I welcome new inputs and ideas and am excited to share my experiences. I am committed to participating about 1 hour/month over the next year in the following: 


- A case study on my business

- A community forum

- School-wide group calls






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